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Here's Why You Need Top References For Your Resume

HR personnel and recruiters on average only spend 6 seconds looking at the resume or CV of an applicant - so make sure yours stand out

The number one aspect they use to identify whether a candidate is a fit for a position, is by checking the recent work experience of the applicant. If you can demonstrate that your experience matches that of the position they're hiring for, your chances of getting hired increase dramatically. 

Let us help you stand out and get hired, by providing you with top-notch references from registered companies, that are custom-tailored to match the jobs you're applying to. 


A CV or Resume is NOT a Legally Binding Document

Consider your resume to be a marketing tool and not a legal document.

The little-known secret most job-seekers aren't aware of, is that a CV or resume is not a legally-binding document.

You can claim any skills or experience that you deem appropriate for you, but make sure that you can back your claims up with some strong references. 

Recruiters always check the viability of an applicants experience by taking a close look at the submitted references. 

This is where we come in. 

By supplying you with reputable and verifiable references, we make sure that you can submit work experience that is legitimate in the eyes of a hiring manager.


Let's get You the Career of Your Dreams!

Custom Solutions Only.

All of our packages include a professional personal reference, that is custom-tailored to the industry and position your are applying to. Every reference is attached to a registered company, that has a representative website, phone & email response service - making your reference 100% verifiable. 

Immediately after your order our consultants will contact you to establish the right reference for you and help guide you towards your dream career.

Personal Reference

We will set you up with a strong personal reference for the job and industry you are applying to. The reference will be provided by a top company in the industry of your choice, with a personal reference that's customized to you.

Personal Reference & LinkedIn Recommendation

On top of providing you with an excellent reference from a top employer, we will also publicly recommend you on your LinkedIn profile. This recommendation will greatly enhance your chance of getting discovered and hired via LinkedIn.

Personal Reference, LinkedIn Recommendation & 'Direct Manager' Phone Calls to HR

This package not only provides you with a professional reference and LinkedIn recommendation, but also assigns you to a 'recent direct manager'. This former manager of yours will get on phone with recruiters to convince them of your skills and tell them about your past performance.


This is What our Clients Say

At, we have already helped hundreds of clients enter their dream career. Take a look below at what our former and returning clients have to say.


I lost my job a few months before the Corona pandemic hit and having a big gap from my last employment prevented me from getting called back by HR. Once I added a strong personal reference by my 'former manager', recruiters started paying attention to me.

Skyler A.

I had applied to dozens of jobs in my industry but without success. Only after having added on LinkedIn and on my CV that I had some important responsibilities at my 'previous' job, did I find a job that really works out for me. 
Also, great support by the staff!

Kris M.

I learned coding by myself, but didn't have the necessary experience to get hired by a top-tier tech company. The team at CV References provided me with just the right 'on paper' experience for me to get an interview and then the job. I didn't get invited to any interviews before having been able to show some matching references.

James K.

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